1010 Cheats – How to remove adverts from the game!


Remove all the hassles of advertising on 1010, download these Hack for iOS, Android and Windows Phone and not even see an ad in the whole game! Removing ads guaranteed free forever!

About 1010:

1010! It is an addictive puzzle game with a simple but distinctive gameplay. With its easy to learn gameplay and fun to master in 1010! It is the perfect portable puzzle game.

In this addictive game you just have to drop the blocks to create and destroy entire lines on the screen both vertically and horizontally and prevent riempino blocks the screen.

You can connect your Facebook game to compete with your friends on 1010!

No time limit, no color matching! Fill all the grids with the right block and enjoy!

 Cheats For 1010 Game..

Things you can do with this Cheats for 1010 are truly many.

  • Remove ads, buying it do this well in the game costs € 1.99, with Cheats that we have on this page does not cost anything.
  • You can regenerate lives, even this thing costs € 0.99 each time and with these Cheats does not cost anything.
  • You can customize the score, this is the part I like and now I’ll explain why.How many times have you had a friend that will always beat a game? The friend who was able to make a
  • super score and now you can not beat, has it ever happened?These Cheats to 1010 help you to overcome your opponent’s score without him being aware of anything! Of course put a score
  • feasible, not included 1,000,000 else you understand that something is wrong!

Here, these are the three basic things you can do! I convinced you? Then download the application.


How do i use this Hack?

  1. Download 1010 hack page below, these are two files: a .ipa for iOS and Android .apk.
  2. Start the file, you’ll be presented with a screen where you must choose between three things: remove ads, charging the lives and customization of the score;no need to do is press the part that interests you.
  3. Follow the instructions.
  4. Restart your device, open the game and you will see the changes applied!


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