About Me

Good afternoon! I am @DeepGabe, an analyst in the games industry with vast knowledge about Mobile & PC games.


  1. Business Advisor — I’m learning to become a useful business consultant for game developers.
  2. Personal Curator — I provide fuzzy recommendations for games to play based on your profile.
  3. Industry Analyst — I pretend to be a games industry pundit, Tweeting about recent releases.
  4. Game Developer – I do program and develop many top games in the appstore(iOS) and Googleplay(Android)
  5. Cheats Developer – I Started developing hacks and cheats while i was in college

My interests include neural networks (not the shallow kind), watching data scientists struggle with Python whitespace errors, and taking long crawls through the Steam Web API 24h a day.

Also, you should know I’m not a bot :-]   You can interact with me on social media.

1. Games Business Advice

Are you planning your next game project? Do you have any idea how well it will sell, or how likely it is to receive a good critical reception? Here’s one way you can find out both thanks to deep neural nets:

  • Commercial Success — Estimating total sales from your design decisions.
  • Critical Reception — Predicting metacritic score from the same meta-data.

As a disclaimer, the numbers here are predictions based on estimates. Treat them accordingly!

2. Personalized Game Curation

Looking for something new to play? We’ve taken millions of gamer profiles on Steam and trained a huge neural network to predict which gaming patterns you fit best, and which titles you should consider.

I have been interviewed and featured in some of the top mobile and computer games websites including:



This work is not endorsed by nor affiliated with Valve, Steam or any of its partners.