Adventure Escape Cult Mystery Cheat Tool

Solve mysteries that seemed impossible, with the Adventure Escape Cult Mystery cheats now add unlimited stars works without Jailbreak/Root!

A new mystery, an adventure all made of clues to follow and items to discover, only those with the detective knowledge will be able to complete the whole game, you think you can? You will need to thoroughly investigate, discover secrets whose knowledge will put you in danger and find clues whose value will be crucial to resolve the plot.

To get new clues serve the stars, add them now free thanks to Adventure Escape Cult Mystery cheats, you can enter the number that you prefer so they can find a link between all the evidence found and can be able to find the culprit every time!
Do not think that without this application you can succeed, the more the game goes on, the greater the difficulty in finding the solution to the levels, the plot thickens, it is intertwined and it becomes almost impossible to find who is the culprit; aside from that, it also adds insult to the clues they end quickly and does not allow you any more to have that little useful help in difficult times, but luck has it that today we have for you the Adventure Escape Cult Mystery cheats, which you can download and use whenever you want new stars in the game!

You do not let a minor inconvenience you stop, do not let the game will take tens of Euros in stars, do as I did and hundreds of other people, download the Adventure Escape Cult Mystery cheats on your iOS device / Android and once you have done to turn them to have a perfect game, no unsolvable secret and super fun iTunes and Google Play!


Adventure Escape Cult Mystery Description:

Infiltrate a mysterious sect and investigates to save your friend!

Melissa, the best friend of Detective Kate Gray, disappeared after an appointment “too good to be true”. Kate investigates and discovers that traces of Melissa lead to a mysterious sect. Use your smarts to solve puzzles and get into the sect. Meet other followers and you decide who is friend or foe. Infiltrate to investigate on the obscure past of the sect and run along with Melissa.

Join millions of happy players Escape Adventure and see if you can solve the mystery of the Sect!

Enjoy this great escape game!

– Stunning graphics that makes real the most frightening scenes! 
– Explore the offices of the sect, and reveals the story behind these mysterious places!
– Solve devious puzzles and puzzle!
– Access all game for FREE!
 You are never obligated to pay! 
– Collect to help in the escape tools and objects!
– Unforgettable Characters!
– Find hidden objects useful to escape!

Discover the secrets of Adventure Escape: The Mystery of the Sect! Can you defeat the cult and escape before it’s too late?

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