Aerox Hack Unlock Everything Quickly!

Download Aerox Cheats now on your iOS device, on this page we have all the instructions that are used to unlock all the balls!


Aerox is an innovative rolling adventure game for all iOS devices, created with great platforming action and puzzles based on physics! Dynamic and varied gameplay mechanics are complemented by stunning visuals for happy and engaging mobile experience.

Aerox includes full universal support for all iOS devices, including high-resolution graphics for capable devices. Unravel all the beauty of the Retina display! IPad users can also benefit from additional graphical enhancements that really help showcase its power!

– 40 original levels.
– Wide variety of puzzles, traps and obstacles.
– more precise and simple controls.
– Advanced Technology engines (especially lighting, detailed shadows, reflections, the complex physics, etc.).
– Enhanced effects for faster devices (realtime reflections, additional glow effects, improved shadows, 60fps gameplay).
– Universal support and graphical enhancements for iPad (reflections at higher resolution, and MSAA).
– iCloud support to sync between devices.

The controls are not at all simple, with your device you will need to push the ball, slowing it down, steer left or right to avoid falling in the ravines and bypass all the obstacles, the game offers you so many balls to have fun in the levels extremely complicated, it is up to you now download Aerox cheats that are here, will help to give you an even better drive and the game will take a fantastic fold!


No it definitely takes time to realize that spending money to unlock some pebbles in more does not make sense, developers should at least give it a chance to have in an alternative way (and fast) all the balls, so that users playing they can use them all without waiting for months. Unfortunately without paying the way for them all is complex, but you can always download the Aerox cheats, add them and press on the option that says “unlocks” balls, there’s nothing better for those who want to play completely saving a lot of money!

Make a pleasure to your nerves, do not look in vain for so many useless solutions to unlock everything, and we would not be end up losing much of your time searching when you could instead play a solution and there are cheats that Aerox you can download only from this page you are reading right now, grab your iPad / iPhone and download them now to have everything unlocked at no cost you can get the game on iTunes!


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