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Since the Impulse, everything has changed. The balance of power on a global scale is highly destabilized. World leaders have begun to deploy elite units and the time has come for you to join the fight. Will you succeed in bringing peace or will you trigger the greatest armed conflict in history?

Afterpulse embodies the new generation of online shooting games on mobile. The game has been specially designed to offer an optimal experience on iOS. 
Every detail has been worked with great attention to make the most of this mobile platform, while providing a gaming experience faithful to the spirit of consoles shooting games. 
The result: gameplay based on ultra-fluid controls and fully customizable, hundreds of hours of play in perspective and an experience as intense as fun!

Afterpulse Download Hack cheat

Customize your footwear to the head, manage your equipment, add grenades and other useful gear to your arsenal. 
Unleash your maximum fighting potential. Perfect, combine and evolve 35 primary or secondary weapons with endless possibilities. 
Choose the combat style that suits you best: handgun, shotgun, assault weapon, submachine gun, light machine gun, precision weapon or explosive weapon. 
Highlight your talent and experience with the Veteran Series weapons. 
Optimize your sense of strategy and your skills in training mode.

Enter the battle in multiplayer mode with an excellent opponent search system. 
Launch yourself in “each for yourself” fights or face several enemies in a team-to-death match of 8 players. 
Dive into breathtakingly realistic urban environments and in intense close-knit combat. 
Using various gadgets, locate your enemies and put them out of harm’s way.

AAA-style third-person shooter game with console-quality gameplay, with ultra-realistic graphics 
Custom design for Metal and 64-bit systems 
Physical realistic rendering of ” Deferred rendering “, HDR processing, high-quality shadows displayed in real time 
Realistic animations of characters and physics elements ragdoll 
Player-to-player games, dedicated server technology by region for optimal gaming experience




Afterpulse Free Gold & Cash





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  • Wait a few seconds.
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Certainly, its costs nothing.

IOS and Android.

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