Alice in the Mirrors of Albion Cheats Free Gold Crystals and Hints

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Alice in the Mirrors of Albion:

Introducing Mirrors of Albion, a new and exciting game inspired by Lewis Carroll! 
 The iPad1 and iPhone 3GS devices are not supported!

Mirrors of Albion puts you in the emblematic city London during the Victorian era, in a rich environment of conspiracies, crime and suspense. Solve brainy puzzles that you’ll find along the way and identified themselves in the incredible storyline, carrying out countless missions to put an end, once and for all, to the diabolical machinations of the Queen of Hearts. Download Mirrors of Albion now and start your adventure!


“The latest product of Game Insight combines the excellence of social gaming and research charm of hidden objects, creating exciting adventure that engages the player with extreme ease, making it almost impossible to get away from the game.” (Http://

“The older I get, the more I appreciate the exciting hidden object games, and Mirrors of Albion is one of the most exciting I’ve ever played.”

“Given the variety of content offered by the game, it is very difficult not recommend it, even more so since it is completely free. Courage, dear readers, dive down the rabbit hole, so you have nothing to lose. “


5/5 “We played games for about three months and got to me a fairly complete idea of ​​this game. The graphics are lovely and the plot is well thought out. The characters are fantastic, some are so sweet of you to come cavities. “

5/5 “I love this game. I like the immediacy with which you can reach the scenes to explore, and I also like the way the surveys vary from one session to the next. “


    Find a wide range of objects in all the amazing game modes planned and explores numerous locations, from dangerous suburbs of London, the elegant studies and typical pastries cozy Victorian era.

    Get carried from the magical world that extends beyond the mirrors.
     You will find the heroes of your childhood and new, unique characters in their field, each with a secret to discover. 
    • foil conspiracies AND FIGHT CRIME
    Embark battles to the death against the boss of the London crime and proves to be able to keep the situation under control and to expose their innermost secrets.
    Embark on a mission in the city of Foggy Albion, a place full of villains, puzzles and wonders.
     Discover the secrets of all the inhabitants! 
    Gain experience points to gain access to buildings and new and unique settings of their kind!
     If not enough for you, you can always buy at new locations access keys and other items in the game for real money. 
    • You can play offline without Internet access.
     Play on the plane, in the subway or on the street. Have fun!


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