Amateur Surgeon 4 Hack Tool – Medical Simulator Get Free Diamonds and Coins!

With the Amateur Surgeon 4 cheats you will be able to add coins and gems and to buy all kinds of objects and new tools to use on patients, download them below!

Get Unlimited Diamonds and Coins on Amateur Surgeon 4

Are you a doctor or a butcher? The ways are perhaps not the best, but the doctor needs an assistant to revive people, you’ll need to pass the surgical instruments operate in complicated situations and when the doc cannot do it alone, give him a helping hand. Unfortunately, the tools they cost a lot to operate freely and should not need to make do as best you can, unless you do not download the cheats for Amateur Surgeon 4 and get infinite resources!

People with fractured bones completely, very deep cuts, objects embedded in the most dangerous places, and wherever obstructions, may seem like patients with no hope but in reality, they can still live thanks to you and the famous Dr. Fluoro! The tools have to be the right ones, do not improvise because you could do a lot worse, get the gems and coins with cheats Amateur Surgeon 4 and make all purchases that you need for doctor objects best suited to your patients.


How To Get Unlimited Diamonds and Coins:

What the anomalous objects from the body may seem like a case dangerous and lost will become an easy and fun event, when a person can be passed off you know you will give 100% to be able to retrieve it: cauterize the wound, treat patients who are admitted to this hospital, maybe you can also find some useful currency, to do this you must be good and have the right cheats, you’ve never been to the doctor so with the game Amateur Surgeon 4!

Get the weight without risking the patient? Do not you miss all the equipment, you will be you and the doctor against the clock, stabilizes and lead to salvation all people hospitalized in your operating room, download these cheats Amateur Surgeon 4 and you’ll get unlimited gems and coins for iTunes and Google Play!

Amateur Surgeon 4:

Work on more than 100 patients using kitchen tools in Amateur Surgeon: Regenerations! 
Grab your trusty pizza cutter wheel and start the action!

Dr. Bloody, pioneer of improvised surgery, is back from the dead. Help him solve the mystery of his sudden resurrection as he travels the world, seeking answers and saves a few lives already there.

* Play Doctor of more than 100 to open and operate! 
* It works on eyes, brains, hearts, lungs, robots, bears, giant squid … and more!
* Recruit more than 30 servers with bizarre and unique special abilities!
* Take on the survival mode field hospital with rapid interventions!
* Compare records and achievements with your friends!

Take the classic levels of Amateur Surgeon 1-3, remastered and revised, as well as new projects and a unique storyline.

Discover the background to the story of Alan Fluoro, Dr. Bloody and the chain of hospitals “Bloody,” working with old and new friends, including an expert rate of cardiac surgery and a dog that knows more of the devil on how to treat cuts.

The original game of surgical simulation is back with new patients and strange and wonderful speeches and lots and lots of blood!

Amateur Surgeon 4 Mod Apk

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