An Adventure Escape Asylum Cheats Unlimited Hints and Stars

With Adventure Escape Asylum Cheats you can have an unlocked in-app purchases on iPhone, iPad and iPod get unlimited stars, try our hack tool on your game now!

Adventure Escape: Asylum Hack & Premium Cheats

An Adventure Escape Asylum:

Can you remember your past and escape from the Asylum?

One day, Anna wakes up in a mental hospital with only vague memories of their past. Soon it becomes clear that there is something very, very wrong Institute Byers. In fact, there is a murderess on the run! When Anna tries to escape, a mysterious girl begins to appear with its earnings warnings. The girl’s hallucination Anna’s imagination? Or is there something in the past of Anna, that she ignores?

Join millions of players fans of adventurous escape and see if you can solve the mystery of the asylum!

Play this fantastic escape game!

– Gorgeous graphics that gives life to terrifying scenes! 
– Explore the inside of the Asylum and reveals a secret history of this mysterious place!
– Complete 10 chapters – all FREE – each with unique difficulty of escape!
– Collect tools and objects to aid your escape!
– Discover the truth about the past of Anna!
– Unforgettable Characters!
– Solve devious puzzles and riddles!
– Find hidden objects that help you escape!
– It’s free!
 No registration, no hassle: just download and play.

Discover the secrets of adventure Escape: Insane Asylum. Explore the asylum and helps Anna regain her lost memories. TU manage to escape?

An Adventure Escape Asylum is logic puzzle game where every little clue can make a difference, especially where the stars are a part essential to have suggestions. It would be a boring thing if you happen to get stuck on a level and do not know how to keep a door locked with a code, a closed road, a difficult block to be removed, all things that can commit for a long time if you are not the right amount of luck, skill and enough stars.

With Adventure Escape Asylum cheats we want to open up a world of new game, giving you (for free) the possibility of having infinite stars / unlimited in the game, so as to be able to overcome all levels not stay there for days and blocked days! With the stars you’ll unlock the tips very easily, what do you serve 5, 8, or 10 is not a problem, you will always have 999 (which unfortunately is the maximum that the game makes you insert).

This image was taken just after two episodes, as you can see I have 999 stars you can use, but obviously I can always recharge them when I am about to finish them!

The Adventure Escape Asylum cheats work through a new method for disabling in-app purchases. This way you have the always free purchases and when you want you can click on the stars to have a new charge. With this revolutionary way not even need a PC iTunes and Google Play!

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