Angry Birds Blast Cheats – Free Gold Coins and Silver Coins!

Do not stop, do not stop playing because the fun has no limit, download the Angry Birds Blast Hack for iPhone, iPad and Android!

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Angry Birds Blast:

Try a new game it’s up-and-match Angry Birds! Pigs have trapped the Angry Birds in colorful balloons! Blow up the balloons of the same color to free the birds and stop the pigs in this addictive puzzle adventure game.

Here we go again 
Use your skills to beat Popper pigs in over 250 fun levels!
 Find the smartest way to solve puzzles, beat the records and earn three stars in each level!

Booster Popper 
Use the booster to blow mountains of balloons, glass, wood and more!
 Match 5, 7 or 9 bubbles to create rockets, bombs and laser guns! Combine the boosters to achieve even more devastating combinations.

Challenges of the day 
Participate in challenges of the day to eliminate as many pigs can gaining awards and booster.
 More pigs take out, the more you go up in the world rankings.

Have fun with friends 
Sign in Sign in with Facebook and challenge your friends.
 Control who is better at free the birds, and get help from friends in the enterprise to obstruct those damned pigs.

– The Angry Birds face a new adventure full of puzzles!
– More than 250 levels, and others will be added
– Easy to learn and play at every opportunity!
– A strategic and challenging gameplay that will put you to the test
– Incredibles booster and power-ups, including catapults, rockets, laser guns and bombs
– Challenges of the day thanks to which earn rewards and boosters
– Sign in Sign in with Facebook and challenge your friends!
– Earn 3 stars making high scores and climb the world rankings

Of Angry Birds now we have seen many sagas, there are many versions and they always come out every 2-3 months a new and very funny version. Today we want to talk about the cheats for one of the latest releases, Angry Birds Blast and help you have a little more to the levels.

Now we can say that we have definitely moved away from the genre in which were shooting with a slingshot birds against pigs, now we have moved to a puzzle-style game where there are bubbles in the shape of characters to burst and, to pass the level, you need to pop them by a preset number, and behold you will get Unlimited Gold Coins and Silver Coins, which will surely dress a vital role to buy power-ups, but there are also the screw (which are used to not stop playing) and silver, all these things put together (unlimited) to find them with the cheats Angry Birds Blast!

A too complicated level, an upgrade too expensive or urgent necessity of silver and here you can not play, it’s much easier than it seems to be in this situation and if you want to avoid having to bother your friends on Facebook for the lives you download Angry Birds Blast Cheat!

Burst all the bubbles now, complete all missions without running out of moves, unlimited lives, infinite and unlimited silver coins are not a dream but a concrete thing that now you can have.

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  1. Download this page (via the text links) The Angry Birds Blast cheats.
  2. Make sure you download them from moving.You will be asked where to save them, choose the home of your device.
  3. Open them, add coins, lives and silver.Confirmation and wait 10 seconds.
  4. You’re done, you can start using the resources immediately!


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