Artusi Cooking Time – Coins and Leaves!

Read this page carefully, you will learn step by step how to have Artusi Cooking Time cheats, so you can add free coins and leaves!

Go to the kitchen and cook the best way for a chef ingredients are everything and it is for this reason that you should have Artusi Cooking Time cheats, that will ensure you have unlimited leaves and coins to always exceed any level and prepare tasty dishes everyone will love eating! From the first moment that you have used our app, you will realize how powerful and great, because there is no other that will guarantee you to have unlimited resources without having to pay even a small price! Here, these Artusi Cooking Time cheats however, cost nothing and you can freely use them whenever you want and wherever you are! This is possible thanks to the design system that consumes very little data, so it is not necessary to have WiFi.
Use this app at the park, in the house with friends, under an umbrella, or in the classroom (during breaks) Its so simple that you will be surprised by how fast and intuitive the cheat tool is!

Spare just a few seconds of your time, about 40, to see the results on your game! Add unlimited coins and leaves now you can, try Artusi Cooking Time cheats!

  1. Download them from this article, the links are large and clearly visible.
  2. Open them, at this stage the game will have to be closed.
  3. Add the amount of leaves.
  4. Add the number of dimes.
  5. Awards on the validation button and wait for few seconds.
  6. Done, enjoy your recipes and prepare delicious dishes!

If you want to have infinite resources, the first thing I suggest is to download Artusi Cooking Time cheats, the only way you can have them!

What is it about this game?

Cooking with Artusi! 
A funny interpretation of the strangest and most famous recipes of the Italian gastronome par excellence: Pellegrino Artusi!

Collect the ingredients, drag the right tool and turn them to make the recipe.
Watch out for the timer never make it down to zero !!!
Complete the steps in green with timer and you can access the “Final Touch”: the puzzle of one move that will give you valuable Leaves Gold !!!
Use the chef’s hat to help: drag on the grid, an ingredient of the crop or on a tool to improve your performance!

With the increase of your skills you’ll get more coins for each completed recipe and gold leaves for the finishing touch.

Get the Golden Leaves: have great value and allow you, among other things, to activate the cook hat without collecting caps on the grill!

For each recipe completed will unlock an extract from Artusi masterpiece “The Science of Eating in the kitchen and fine art”: you can read the original version of the recipe just play, have fun with the Artusi anecdotes and reinterpret his recipes in your own way!

Published by the Institute of the Italian Encyclopedia founded by Giovanni Treccani, designed by award-winning developer SpinVector and approved by Casa Artusi, this game is 100% made in Italy.

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