Atsume Neko Kitty Collector Cheats 2017

You can now have unlimited gold fish and silver fish for free using our Neko Atsume Kitty Collector Hack, on both Android and iOS, download now the cheats below!

With this article on Atsume Neko Kitty Collector Cheats Today we will explore gaming corners you never imagined and we will explain how to add free fish at any moment.

But first, some info on Atsume Neko Kitty Collector:

Play Neko Atsume: Kitty collector is as easy as one, two and … that’s it! 
Step 1: Put toys and snacks in your garden.
Step 2: Wait for the cats come to visit you!

Attracting cats with food and then see them go wild with your toys! More than 40 varieties of cats-whites and blacks are available. Rare Cats roam the neighborhood, but you will need special items to entice the elusive felines to reach your home. Every visitor is recorded in your Catbook. Fill the entire book of pictures!

You can also make photo album cat, or save them to your device to use them as wallpaper!

It happens often running out of fish, and we know that without fish and games cats do not live. If you want to attract unique cats, those ultra rare, you need the best toys and the best food, otherwise those will not make you live in your garden. The cheats to Atsume Neko Kitty Collector will help in this by giving you everything you need to attract the cute cats in your den. You will have all the most delicious fish, all games and many other things.

Features Neko Atsume Kitty Collector Hack:

  • You can add unlimited gold fish
  • You can add free silver fish
  • Free cheats no cost.
  • Cheats for iOS and Android operating without root or jailbreak.

Guide on how to use Atsume Neko Kitty Collector Cheats:

  1. Download the .apk file from .ipa page or mobile device.You do not need the PC you can do it directly from the mobile.
  2. Run the file and follow the instructions that appear.You will be asked if the game is installed, you must press YES and then be asked if you want to skip the check, press again to YES.
  3. The screen will then appear where you have to add fish, choose the amount and confirm.
  4. Done, you have to do now you’ve added to your game all the fish you wanted, open and enjoy!

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