Battlefront Heroes Cheats – Free resources and diamonds!

Diamonds, minerals and free food with this Battlefront Heroes Hack tool Works on Facebook, iOS and Android, try them now without root or jailbreak IPA APK free Cheats for all!

The cheats for Battlefront Heroes is finally complete and available for download on our page and our official channels. What you can do in the game with this application is something that would be simplistic to say fabulous, you can have anything you want in unlimited quantities without having to pull out a single penny.

Battlefront Heroes Cheats Tool Features:

  • Add unlimited minerals free of charge, the minerals are very important for improving their base, without them it would be impossible to keep playing!
  • Add unlimited free food, the food serves to improve the camps and fighting qualities of the heroes, even without this resource the game would not make sense.
  • Add unlimited free diamonds are the real focus of the game, are the ones that hold everything and with whom you can do anything.Without these other resources there could not be, and are also used to purchase all of the most useful and expensive things, such as other workers with whom to build much faster.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android, we have guaranteed compatibility with the two mobile device where the game can be installed.If you have Battlefront Heroes and one of these devices then they, these tips are for you!
  • You do not need to have root or jailbreak, this app is open to everyone, even to those users who do not have a modified device.
  • Compatible with Facebook, if you play in front of the PC version of the browser, do not worry we have thought of you.
  • Free, but it seems obvious, otherwise what’s the point, right?


Battlefront Heroes:

Battlefront Heroes by Gosu Group is an exciting action game, combat and strategy loved by millions of players from around the world! If you like the battle simulations and tower defense games, this is the game for you!

– “A strategy game on Facebook rated among the top 10 is now available for iOS!” 
– “Battlefront Heroes is the best fighting game on the market!”
– “Graphics wonderful, funny sounds and a large community of players!”

Build your military fortress and creates a fearsome army! Attend alliances and challenge players from around the world to get valuable resources of Battlefront Heroes!

Battlefront Heroes is available in 15 languages. Other languages ​​will be available in the future!

* A fight to the death in real time in the jungle and on the beach!
* Build and enlarge your military base!
* Recruit an army of marine, flamethrowers, tanks and helicopters!
* Assign to a maximum of four brave heroes in control of your armies.
* Challenge millions of players online and the charts!
* Create alliances with friends and build a support network!
* Graphics animated and high-quality visual effects for unparalleled gaming experience!
* Music and funny sounds!
* Free and frequent updates that keep the game interesting!
*…and much more!

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