BBTAN Cheats – Unlock all the balls Hack

BBTAN Cheats .apk / original .ipa for the game Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod unlimited coins

BBTAN hack

How many times have you found playing BBTAN, perhaps, even though the coins, the game will Unlocked 4-5-6-7 times the usual ball? It’s annoying I know, it happened many times to me to struggle a lot to glean 2-300 coins and each time drawing a double scoop, if it happens then also 4-5 other times it becomes even more frustrating. I then said to myself, how can you do to solve this problem, without of course spend some money to buy other currencies? There is a method that allows me to unlock all balls (even those super rare or ultra rare) on the game?
After I asked these questions I started looking and, right away, I came across an application does not istallante Mobile for iOS devices, Android, able to unlock all the baubles and add endless coins on the game.
This is a picture from my iPad after using the cheats:

As you can see, there are many unlocked balls and many coins are, in short, definitely a different game much more fun.

BBTAN the game Description:

BBTAN !!! 
Slide your finger down to throw balls and break the bricks!
The angle is the key!
This is a simple but addictive game Arkanoid.
How long can you survive on BBTAN?
BBTAN from 111%

Game features:

  • Unlock 35 balls, including some unique ball, simple ball, super mini ball, etc.

  • Challenge your friends with GooglePlay support.

  • Easy and fun to play, challenging to break 100stage.

  • Check the Facebook page, 111%, to obtain the hidden ball.

  • Colorful UI, fun sound effects, attractive character.



Are the cheats compatible with all versions of the game?

Of course, the cheats are updated constantly, and once used remain in the game even in the case of renovation of the latter, so compatibility 100% guaranteed.

Do I need root or jailbreak my device?

Like all the cheats that you find on this site, these DO NOT NEED to jailbreak, root or any other type of change.

What do I get with these cheats?

With this downloadable application can add unlimited coins and unlock all the balls in the game.

Do you have problems with the BBTAN cheats? You do not know how to use them properly? Follow these steps!

  1. Follow the video guide that you find on the download page and download the cheats to BBTAN.
  2. Start application from your smartphone / tablet where you want to use it, choose what you want to add and balls that you want to unlock and press the button that says PATCH THE GAME.
  3. Wait a few seconds, after which the device will reboot and you will be ready to use cheats.

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