Block City Wars Cheats – Money and Coins for free

Are you tired of having less coins and money on Block City Wars? Download the cheats to the game and you can add whatever you need, IPA and APK for iOS and Android free for our readers!

Block City Wars Hack/Mod

Block City Wars Hack Tool is upto date, in this guide we will explain how to get free gold and money right from your mobile iOS / Android. Guide-to-date!

These  Block City Wars Cheats for money on work 100% and ensure you to add directly into the money and gold game with which you can easily unlock weapons, items and vehicles. This application is highly recommended to all those who never manage to equip the best things in your character.

Block City Wars The app works with iOS and Android mobile device and it’s really easy to be used; a simple method by which to add free money and gold. If you want to know how to proceed to download, then follow the instructions that we have written for you at the bottom if you don’t have the game download it on Google Play and iTunes!


Block City Wars Cheats Instructions How to GET Unlimited Gold Coins & Money:

  1. Download the application from our page.That original (and still working) you find on this site, then look no further because you risk having his hands viruses!
  2. Open the app, you’ll see a screen where you will be asked to login.Vuori Leave both fields and press on CONNECT NOW. It will start the connection between the two (app and game).
  3. Select the option to remove purchases and press OK.
  4. The cheats Block City Wars will not change the game but simply will disable the store purchases. This phase will last less than 30 seconds.
  5. Restart your mobile device, be sure to turn it off and on again.
  6. Open the game and go into the money / gold shop.Click on any purchase and on the next screen click on CANCEL. In this way, the game system rather than cancel it will validate and resources will be added to your account.
  7. Fine, you can now buy (free) all you want that’s how to hack block city on ios and android!

Block City Wars:

Welcome to the War of Block City! 
Welcome to the wide open world where the real war is going on forever!
 Constant skirmishes between gangsters and police, explosions, weapons and many struggles!

Complete impossible missions, driving cool cars, doing parkour along the walls, destroy different enemy (even angry zombies and monsters) or just do what you want to do! Discover third-person shooter in the big metropolis with tall skyscrapers and military bases. Play multiplayer mode on the large map with your friends!

Key features: 
– Online mode: Sandbox and PvP Deathmatch
– singleplayer modes – Adventure!
 Solve all missions! 
– huge megalopolis with various districts – 10 PVP maps: Old Town, Port, China Town, Military Base and others.
– Play with your friends from all over the world (also uses the online chat)
– Great shooting assault with tanks and APC!
– Large variety of weapons and guns: M16, AK47, minigun, sniper rifle, RPG, Knife, Katana and many more!
– Use the hero room to choose a custom skin!
– Awesome graphics with dynamic light in pixels.

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