Bor Cheats – Unlock Power Ups!

Have you lost hope because of the lack of resources and power-ups? The Bor cheats will give you everything you need!

What are the things you need to play this interesting game? I’ll answer, many, there are plenty of powerups, lives, health, weapons and many things that cost a lot of money, some people also came to spend 50 dollars on a day to have a fabulous game, and I ask you why pay when you can get all this for free? There are cheats Bor, now available on iOS and Android, then download and you can have so many things that you can not even imagine!

When the application is finally on your mobile device, start immediately try it, it will get a free world within which you can add whatever you want, from weapons to upgrades, but also many, many lives, and more, in short, nothing is missing!

Help Bor Cheat Tool on this adventure with our cheats, if you own any iOS and Android mobile device you already have the only requirement to use them, but if you have not do not worry, you can always run to the electronics store to buy one!

Do not be sad because you lack the money, do not get caught by the bad mood if you run out of resources, remember that a solution is always found, and in this case your are saving Bor cheats!


About The Game:

– 48 levels (+ 13 secret!) 
– graphic of the classic platform 16bit
– 5 different environments
– a lot of power-ups!
– 22 types of enemies

Bor is a Viking which have kidnapped his 60 wives, help him find them all! 
Travel through forests and castles full of monsters, defeat them all back home to your wives!
Jump, fight, throw axes and use power-ups to destroy the monsters!

It will be hard, hard, crazy! Only Bor is crazy enough to succeed in this adventure Googleplay and iTunes!

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