Boulder Rush Unlimited Coins Cheats

Unlock everything and add unlimited coins with our latest Boulder Rush cheats free for Android and iOS!


Digging is hard work that you took away lives and coins? Do you always want to pay 3 euro to unlock the Boulder Rush game? The solution is here, open your ears and rolls his eyes because I’m about to introduce you the Boulder Rush cheats in all their glory, they will do everything that you did not think were possible and will give a crazy impulse to your game!

Gaining new resources is a very complex work, fatigue and need constant game, just in practice that the steps a day at sea instead of in front of your iPad and you lose much of your progress, this is not horrible? You have to do something and immediately run for cover with new  Boulder Rush coins hack, it will be so easy for you to have infinite lives and unlimited coins that everything will take a decidedly different turn!

Do not wait for the characters to unlock it yourself, do not stay for weeks behind the few coins that the game wants to give you, you now have in your hands the only way to make the game a little more beautiful and exciting, you just have to follow the short passages that are written here, nothing difficult or time wasters!

  1. Click on the button where you see written that you can download Boulder Rush cheats.
  2. Within a few seconds the app will be your mobile device, you open it.
  3. Enter what you want to enter, unlock what you want to unlock and confirmation.
  4. You have done!Now you can enjoy the changes you’ve added, and without spending a penny!

Boulder Rush A mine of animals:

Mattocks ready? Now you dig! Under many meters of earth, gravel and boulders, you will find the poor little animals waiting to be saved by you and your nano. All magical forest dwellers that will save will be immortalized in a magnificent album, where you can see your achievements!

*** Mines, fun and cute animals! *** 
In this fast-paced casual game, you play as a little dwarf animal lover you will have to rescue the poor creatures of the forest trapped in the terrible dark mine.
 Destroy the rocks blocking the path with complex combos and increasingly down deep to find rare and mysterious animals.

*** Watch the lettuce! *** 
Since these dwarves are vegetarian, you should always check that they eat lettuce enough, or not be able to dig effectively.
 If you forget to feed him, a dwarf as Olaf might pass out instantly! So, keep an eye on the lettuce bar! Pets and coins can wait (but not too much!).

*** Admire your personal album and receive awards for rescued animals *** 
All rescued animals are listed in your application, where you’ll find information on how many animals of the same type have recovered, and those who lack it to your collection.
 You can choose your favorite from the menu nano and use his amazing items!

* A challenging game where you dig in search of cute animals! 
* Save several fantastic creatures and admire them in your personal album
* Get useful items and new dwarves, as Eldur, the nano blaster

So what are you waiting? You took the bucket and shovel? Well, then start digging with Boulder Rush!


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