Bubble Queen 3D Cheats

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Bubble Queen 3D Magic Frog:

** An addictive bubble 3D shooter inspired by a popular tale ** 
Try your luck in an exciting mission that will require you to break the spell of a powerful wizard!
 Taking burst the bubbles in 3D magic and strange lands, and help a small frog to return to the original shape of a beautiful lady. Play to save the queen affected by the spell!

Get ready for a huge explosion of bubbles on your iPad or iPhone! 
Look to life an imaginary colorful universe and the perfect graphics in a magical pop-up book!
 This world is inhabited by wizards and a frog queen who will guide you in this adventure. 
The magical worlds of 3D Bubble Queen are rich in entertainment: in addition to detonate groups of colored bubbles, you will need to collect magical tarot, get the keys of additional lands and win useful power.
The most attractive features:

Reality 3D takes you into a fairy tale 
a solid storyline will help keep your interest;
 the star will return to being a queen, and will forever remain a frog? 
graphic stunning burst of colors
the level obstacles make it more difficult the challenge
upgrades allow you to gain magical powers
are ready to complete all the bubble puzzle?
 Will you be the knight who will save the queen? 
Download the game and break the spell.

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