Bullet Hell Monday Cheats – Unlimited Money iOS Only!

An explosion of sounds and colors will overwhelm your mind making the game even more beautiful, but you have to download the Bullet Hell Monday cheats now!

Surely the first impression of this game is flashy, is not the classic shooter, but behind all there is a study of sounds and colors really compelling, perhaps it is this that drives many people to want to upgrade to the more expensive version, one with unlocked packages, music and more. All these things that you’ve just spoken at a cost, not very high as it is around 4 Euros, but definitely not too low, and if you do not like down to having to pay there are always Bullet Hell Monday cheats, your solution when you need to always have (when necessary), the resources or things unlocked for Unlimited Money !

It is so simple to use our app that even the tiniest of newborns might succeed, but obviously we who are super nice we wrote you a brief guide to follow if you just can not do it alone!

  1. Click on large fonts that you find on this page, they’ll send you to the download page of Bullet Hell Monday cheats.
  2. Of course download them and open them.
  3. You’ll find yourself faced with two options: one to unlock the packages (all with one shot), the other to enter the AP, choose some thing you want to do and press OK.
  4. Time 10 seconds and all that you have chosen will end in your game, you just have to close these cheats and open it to see for yourself all that has been added.

As easy as drinking a glass! Within the reach of all! If you play on iOS (then the entire range of iPhone and iPad), you can not continue to do so without first downloading the Bullet Hell Monday cheats, you’re missing all the best that this game has to offer, what are you waiting? Nothing better exists, there is no choice unless you want to pay, you have to do what we wrote to you on this page, and only then you can have access to each resource package or else Googleplay and iTunes!

Bullet Hell Monday:

A hell of bullets 
– Directly on your smartphone an endless rain of bullets!
– Contents huge: over 50 stages!
– Everyone is welcome, from beginners to advanced players!

Upgrade your ship 
– Use points earned after playing a stage to level up with your ship!
– Unlock all and updated for the challenge mode!
 The goal is to make a high score!

Many chapters 
– Complete all missions of each chapter!
– Discover new stages!
– Use the points to upgrade your ship!

The challenges 
– The challenge mode is for when you really want to test your mettle!
– Upgrade your ship and get in the game!
– Choose between easy, normal or hard, and difficulties will come from the sky!
– Test the limits of your skills!

The goal is the first place in the standings! 
– Challenge mode with the support of Game Center!
– Try to go against your friends to see who achieves the best score!
– Rankings are by scene and difficulties!
– Try refining your favorite scene or try to beat all the charts!

Bullet Hell Monday Apk Download

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