Candy Fruit Sprite Cheats – iOS Get Free Gems

Do you have Candy Fruit Sprite iOS game installed t? Do not you miss these cheats, download them now for iPad and iPhone, it is not necessary to install!

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Prepare delicious drinks with characters in the game, match the fruits to solve all levels, even those who seem to have no solution! These are days that you have completely given up the idea not to cross a certain point in the game? Try and try again to be able to complete all the matches before the end of the move, but you do not succeed? It may seem that there is a solution, but with the cheats Candy Fruit Sprite quickly will solve all your problems, adding unlimited gems you can buy power-ups as you want and solve even so those points of the game that seemed impossible!

The Candy Fruit Sprite cheats are designed to give everyone the chance to have the hearts and gems, do not think that there are limits, or that there may be a limited amount of resources, because once you download this application you will be master of using it as and as you want, no one will limit absolutely!

Complete levels with maximum fun and minimum effort, it combines all of the colored goodies and if you reach the end of the moves without completing the grid buys some upgrading, you will have a mountain of resources that will help you just when you need it most, you have the right cards to complete the game, or you will be one of many that will stop at the climax? Start by downloading the Candy Fruit Sprite cheats and then you will succeed Googleplay and iTunes!


Candy Fruit Sprite is a new fantastic combination of puzzle adventure game, with a mode of play full of purple candy and cakes!

Take on this deliciously beautiful levels, made of sweet candy and play with friends to see who can get the highest score! 
● A wonderful gaming experience with so many different ways!
● Creation of amazing power-ups and combos, clear the screen!
● Collect sugar, earning super sweet surprises!
● Easy and fun to play, but difficult to master fully!
● We will add more levels and modify the regular gameplay, you can also play with your friends!
● Go through all the adventures!

Welcome to the land of dreamy wonderland filled with candy and match-3 adventure! Take part and share the fun in Candy Fruit Sprite! 
Good fun!

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