Castle Age HD Cheats Unlimited Favor Points – iPhone, iPad and iPod!

Brand new cheats updated and newly released for Castle Age, learn how to add anything you want for free!


Hello to all friends, today in this article we want to show the cheats to one of the best MMO games, Castle Age. Thanks to this tool you will discover a completely different kind of game from what you were used to, with many more resources and much more fun!

Castle Age HD Cheats


Castle Age cheats Features:

  • Add unlimited free gold.
  • Add unlimited Favor Points.
  • Add infinite free energy.
  • Add free unlimited stamina.
  • Add unlimited free hearts.
  • Support for all iOS devices.
  • The jailbreak is not an indispensable requirement.

This game allows you to play against other players in real time, you will be able to challenge, debate, exchange items and other things like that. To keep up to date, you need to upgrade your heroes, manage your weapons and resources and ensure you always ready for battle. To do all this you need enough gold and favor points, but unfortunately they really cost a lot of money, and very often the risk is to finish them off as soon as you get them.

The game gifts are always few and sporadic, so you have a single solution to get more gold and more points, use Castle Age cheats tool for iOS devices, and then you will be able to add as many resources you want!
The guarantee you to give us, we guarantee the success assured of all iPhone, iPod or iPad, this is where you can add every resource you want! The cheats for Castle Age can be downloaded directly from Safari (or any other browser you’re using), you do not need the PC you can directly use your mobile device!


Castle Age HD:

Discover a world of mystery and adventure where they join thousands of online players, this a fantasy RPG.

After returning home from a long war fought discover your city in smoking ruins. A group of orcs has ransacked the town and stolen the Crystal of Fire, an ancient artifact entrusted to your village to keep it safe. Begin your adventure in pursuit of these thieves ogres and reveals the demonic plot to destroy the world! Fight alongside your allies and collect powerful weapons and magic. Help an army of knights, elves, wizards and dragons to conquer your enemies and thwart the nefarious demon Mephistopheles.


EPIC monsters with your allies 
– Join online with other 200 players and combines the skills to take down legendary monsters
– ranking scale in real time and shows your power to other players
– Earn epic loot and destroy all opponents

PUT YOUR HEROISM to the test in PvP battles 
– Engage enemy players and find out the way to becoming the most powerful in the country
– Scala through 21 degrees PVP and prove your strength to the world
– Recruit powerful heroes to upgrade your army and get a advantage over the competition

A guild ONLY 
– Join or create a guild up to 100 players collectively and build the most powerful empire
– Choose from 4 different strategic roles and battles
– Earn the most experience and improves hundreds of skills by participating in PvP battles

Lose yourself through an epic story 
– Earn points and level up, try to retrieve the Crystal Fire and save the world from a demonic attack
– Discover and utilize hundreds of unique weapons and strengthens even more your skills!

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