Color Switch Cheats Unlocked Levels Hack- Download them for free now!

Color Switch Hack is compatible with all mobile game versions (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and Facebook, now try the cheats 100% free!

You can unlock levels, you can have unlimited stars and remove any advertisement, all these things you can by downloading the cheats for Color Switch found on this page, free in all parts and compatible with all mobile or devices that do not!

Color Switch Cheats

Features of Color Switch cheats:

  • You can remove commercials from the game.
  • You can unlock all levels.
  • You can have endless stars / unlimited.
  • Free, there’s no charge.
  • Compatible with iOS Mobile, Android and Windows Phone.
  • Compatible with Facebook (it supports any browser).
  • no root or jailbreak is required.

As you can see from these simple images any feature of the game that is paid has been unlocked for free, basically you have not paid anything and you have well saved € 7.99, and as if that was not enough you also have the infinite stars. Who else can give you all this without shelling out hundreds and hundreds of dollars?

The original for Color Switch Hack only find them on our website, there are no download limits, there are no costs, no need any installation or other strange processed is all very simple and at hand.
Compatibility is always maximum, so these cheats work with iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Facebook.
The tests were carried out on any type of more times, and also 2 test mobile device were made on two different Facebook account, of course, all with more than positive outcome.


Guide to use the Color Switch Hack mobile version v1.3.4:

  1. Download this page from the cheats, you can find the download buttons scattered here and there.Avviali directly from the mobile device and follow the onscreen instructions.
  2. After you have chosen to do the changes, apply them by pressing the Confirm button and wait a few seconds.
  3. Restart your device and you’re done!

Guide to use the cheats on Color Switch Facebook version 4.5.3:

  1. Make sure you have your web browser updated to the latest version (HERE Firefox, HERE for Safari, HERE for Opera, HERE for Internet Explorer). If you do not update it updated.
  2. Open the game Color Switch on Facebook and leave it with the window open.Meanwhile run the .exe file and click on the “Detect Browser”; in a few seconds it will detect the browser with the game open.
  3. At this point you choose which changes to apply and confirmation.
  4. You will see the browser restart, do not worry it is normal.
  5. Now you can play Color Switch with cheats applied!

About Color Switch:

Hit the ball accurately enabling her to overcome all obstacles and the ball will change color acquiring some power-ups. 
You have to follow the color scheme in any obstacle that crosses!

Be careful not to cross the wrong color, or you will have to start over.


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