Compass Point West Hack Unlimited Diamonds Cheats

The Compass Point West cheats are available now. You can have unlimited diamonds on mobile gaming iOS and Android! The best way to disable in-app purchases!

Compass Point West Cheats brings you the latest Compass Point West Hack! Many people play every day, but unfortunately we all fall into the trap of lack of diamond: many people in fact remain lack diamonds very often and no one likes to spend real money in the shop of the game . For this reason we have created the Compass Point West cheats that will help users like you, who don’t have diamonds and do not want to go to spend money in the store.

This application was developed entirely by us, taking care of it in every part especially one that is safety. For us, safety comes first, with these Compass Point West cheats you never risk being banned and you will be free to use them whenever you want.

Just below you can see the image of our Compass Point West hack working, you can see how many diamonds it was possible to enter and that’s not all, because of course there are no limits on the number of diamonds to be added in the game. The program updates are constant, once there is an update, you will be immediately alerted by a notification, and you can freely download the latest update available for Compass Point West cheats!
If you want to become the best player ever, download this app!


How to use Compass Point West Hack:

  1. Download the cheats for playing on your mobile device.You can find them only on our site.
  2. Connect the app with the game and select the number of diamonds you want.
  3. The resources will be added to the game instantly.
  4. Open Compass Point West and verify that diamonds have been added correctly.
  5. This process can repeat it any time you want.

Compass Point West:

Saddle up, it’s time of reckoning! Join your friends in the battle along the west border, build and protect your city, collect cards and pulls up your posse of gunslingers of the Wild West!

.. ::: NEW! The gold rush has begun! Discover gold and gemstones of the mineral mines to collect considerable rewards with your posse! ::: ..

“A big, dusty thumbs-up” – Gamezebo 
“A reinterpretation of the western building games and defended very appropriate” – 148Apps
“Best app / game for iPhone and iPad this week 30/3 // 2015” – The Guardian
” the introduction of the cards in a strategic invasion game is a touch of class “- TouchArcade

.. :: Highlights :: ..

* FIGHT the Wild West outlaws and other players 
* COLLECT cards and pulls up a gang of great heroes
* JOIN to a posse with your friends to defeat together the cattle thieves in weekly events
* BUILD and protect your lush city West
* CHOOSE how to play: horizontal or vertical

We will need you to protect and grow a brand new city along the edge of the border. Explore the vast frontier releasing more and more cities by outlaws corrupt empire of evil oil tankers Orville Driller!

Build and manage an outpost in the Wild West all yours. Protect him along with the sheriff of the city and aides trust that ingaggerai. Gather your friends, form a posse and defeat rustlers in weekly events.

Do not let Orville Driller put his paws all over the black gold flowing under your land, and do not let the thieves will ruby ​​cattle and horses.



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