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Dolce Flirt cheats

The official Dolce Flirt cheats, those compatible with all mobile devices and operating the game Sweet Flirt arrived, download them and try them now!

Hello boys and girls, and welcome to this new article on Dolce Flirt. Today we introduce cheats for PA and unlimited dollars for the game, they very simple to use, even for those who have never used this type of applications.

Dolce Flirt is a game that sees the romantic adventure of a true love story that you have to live day by day following the rules, those of love, betrayal and love affairs. Although this is a beautiful game dating, you are not exempt from having the famous in-app purchases, those who often force you to spend hundreds of euro, especially in this kind of games.

Game info Sweet Flirt:

Dolce Flirt, the first dating-game all over Europe!
 Create your virtual romance in high school Sweet Amoris. Make your choices and live a unique and exciting adventure! 
Subscribe to Dolce Flirt, you will be a student arrived in a new high school.
The game takes place in episodes published regularly, where you can meet new friends and flirt with the pretty boys.

[How to play] 
The inscription on Dolce Flirt is free!

In the episodes, which follow the dialogues between characters, there are multiple answers to choose from and objectives to be accomplished. 
You can flirt with your favorite guy, hoping to get an appointment.
 To succeed, you’ll need to interact and talk with the boy, choosing which responses from him as well as the best approach based on his personality. 
In fact, the choices made in a hand-hand episode will affect the development of the story.

Episode after episode, you’ll meet new characters and of course new guys!
Who will be your favorite?

Maybe Nathaniel? And ‘the delegate of the students which is quite easy to get along. He likes mystery novels, and he does not like sweets.

O Castiel? Can ‘be difficult to get along with him … It is not easy to have a discussion with him or understand what goes on in his head, but in the end has to have a soft heart. He likes the electric guitar and does not like that you give orders.

Or maybe you’d prefer to Ken, whose real name is Kentin? E ‘in love with you and does not hide it at all … It’ a kind and helpful guy, but maybe sometimes a sticky p’o … He loves chocolate cookies but does not like spicy food.

You just have to join to learn about all the high school kids Sweet Amoris!

[Different Finals]

Each episode features different endings.

By choosing the right answers you will get an appointment and get the final personalized illustration!

If you do not get an appointment at the end of the episode, do not worry because with the “Replay” function, you can try again!

[Game Category]

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The key feature of these cheats is that they allow you to easily add (and without cost) all things game where you need them: this means that you can add with the cheats for Dolce Flirt PA infinite / unlimited dollars infinite / unlimited, and replays infinite / unlimited, without paying a penny!


Follow this guide to add cheats to the game:

  1. Download the application for Dolce Flirt directly from your tablet / smartphone and start it.
  2. In the screen that will open for you to click on the word “GAME NOTES” and wait a few seconds for the game to be found (of course you have it installed).
  3. When the process is finished, the next screen choose what to add and click on the “ADD” button.
  4. In a few seconds the PA, dollars and replays will be added to the game and you can restart the device to see the changes.

The cheats for Dolce Flirt can be used multiple times, meaning you can use them INFINITE sometimes even 10 per day, no hassle, no risk of ban, and without paying anything.


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