Fishdom Hack Unlimited Diamonds and Coins Cheats

Have you been searching for Fishdom Hack for hours? Have you given up? Do not give up, you have found the real cheats to the game here!

Fishdom FREE Unlimited Diamonds coins

APK / Original IPA for the cheats of the game, what is it? Simple, these cheats are based on an APK file (for Android) and IPA (iOS), which, once started in the game (NOTE not installed but it just started), will unlock the pay for play functions, by making it free. In practice these cheats to Fishdom you can disable in-app purchases, making them free for anyone who wants to buy crystals, lives or coins.

Game description:

You’ve never played Fishdom? Take a deep breath and dive into the underwater world of fun match-3 game Fishdom!

Challenge yourself to a game of fun and challenging combinations from the setting only while the tanks aquarium decorations to create a cozy home for the pretty fish. From their feed, play with it and watch them interact with each other. Hey, your finned friends are waiting for you: DIVE NOW!

As you have read above, but especially as you could see yourself from the coming straight from my iPad, there is no limit to “how much” you can add, you can also enter so many crystals to get them out of the screen, no strings attached, no cost, no limit!


Some info on cheats to Fishdom:

  • FREE it costs nothing
  • INSTALLATION WITHOUT, no need to install, just run the .ipa / .apk file and follow the on-screen instructions
  • They allow you to add unlimited crystals
  • They allow you to add unlimited coins
  • They allow you to add unlimited lives
  • They allow you to add unlimited moves
  • They allow you to turn off in-app purchases
  • NO BAN, this app is 100% anti ban


All cheats are tested several times before being posted on the site, it means that the failure rate is of 0.00%, with a success rate of 100%.

Follow this guide to download the Fishdom Cheats:


  1. Proceed to download using the links that are on this page and download the cheats on your mobile device.
  2. Start the cheats and press the START button located easily to the center of the screen.
  3. Wait for the cheats to do their job and, when finished, restart your device to see the effects.

! Do not forget to share on social these cheats!


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