Grand Truck Simulator Cheats for Money and Fuel

Download the latest Grand Truck Simulator Hack get unlimited money, lots of extra time and the best trucks, available for mobile smartphone and tablet cheats!

Grand Truck Simulator Cheats for Money and Fuel

Grand Truck Simulator:

GTS is a mobile sim truck. These are some of its features:

Realistic physics 
Realistic fuel consuming
Mods: You can make your own skins for trucks and trailers or download from other guys
You can change the suspension, xenon lights (), repents na turbine and automatic brake assist (only for modern trucks)
Can damage your body truck and broke the glass
trucks and trailers full work lights
trucks full of work dashboard
air Trumpet
the trucks real life sounds for engines, brakes, horns,
Different types of bodies: chassis, chassis + trailer 3 semi axles, two semi-axis, 2 + 1 semi-axis, bitren 7 axes, etc.
realistic solar System (Day & night)
you can hire drivers and buy deposits to park your truck fleet
the map is based on some small citys from Sao Paulo – Brasil
You start with a basic truck and getting experience will get better and truck jobs

Grand Truck Simulator Cheats are available on our website, with these you can do so many things that the game will become unrecognizable and the fun will go up to the stars! The cheats fact guarantee unlimited cash, you can unlock all the best equipped and powerful truck without spending a penny, and you can do it directly from your mobile device.

The Grand Truck Simulator cheats work with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, no need to have root or jailbreak, and you can use them even 100 times as desired, whenever you want you can download them and use them, or keep them on the device when you need them!

Features of our Grand Truck Simulator Hack:

  • Add infinite money.
  • Add unlimited free fuel.
  • Add extra time
  • No advertising, remove it completely for free.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • No need to root or jailbreak.

These cheats for Grand Truck Simulator are safe, that means we have designed for you an anti-ban system that can keep you from getting unfairly banned from the game. Feel free to use this hack every time you want, you’ll never be kicked from the game!

Did you see how much money? Did you see how much money I’ve added to the game? And this is absolutely nothing, not even a comma of what you can expect if you download the cheats made for Grand Truck Simulator, try them now on your mobile device!


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