Mahjong Treasure Quest Hack FREE Lives and Coins Cheats

Free Mahjong Treasure Quest Coins Hack for iOS, Android and Facebook, unlimited coins and lives on the game without spending money!

Mahjong Treasure Quest Unlimited coins free download 2017

Mahjong Treasure Quest:

Additional challenges Mahjong Classic + + inventive a dramatic story = Mahjong Treasure Quest!

Join the lovely Sophie and her traveling companion, Oliver, through the picturesque lands and dangerous dungeons!

– Solve the most intricate puzzles; 
– Collect ancient treasures to stop the evil witch Eris;
– Investigate the mysterious disappearance of Sophie’s parents;
– It helps to unite loving family!

Other features you will enjoy: 
– Develop your customized strategy with the various tools available in the game.
– Play bonus levels, as timed exclusive quests and puzzles, to live an adventure even more exciting.
– Get regular updates of the game with the characters, levels and missions are always new.
– Be social!
 Get help from your Facebook friends and compete with them! 
– Even when you’re offline, you continue to play the full version of the game without losing your progress.
Mahjong Treasure Quest is always available: at home, in the street, on a plane or subway cat in cage!




Using our Mahjong Treasure Quest cheat is a simple process that anyone can do. We as always, however, we recommend users to read this article before you download cheats on your tablet smartphone.

For those who asked how to hack Mahjong Treasure Quest?, today we will give you a simple answer. This cheats are designed to completely bypass the in-app purchase system on iOS / Android devices, so that you can add unlimited coins and lives at no cost!

How do i enter cheat codes for mahjong treasure quest?

All you need to know to use the cheats to the game is written below. After downloading the app you will need to open it and select the option to disable in-app purchases. After the process is finished you will just open the game and to bring you into the store, where you can buy anything you want, but instead of pressing on the purchase confirmation you have to press cancel. In this way the coins will be added to Mahjong Treasure Quest without paying a single cent.
There are no installations to be made, so your security with Mahjong Treasure Quest Free Coins hack will never be compromised.

YOUR SAFETY IS FIRST OF ALL , try to use cheats responsibly, do not add coins millions of resources imediately. Use the Mahjong Treasure Quest cheats responsibly, for example, add 90,000 coins, do not add a million!

Mahjong Treasure Quest cheats Features:

  • Add infinite lives.
  • Add unlimited coins.
  • Compatibility with iOS and Android.
  • No root or jailbreak.
  • Compatibility with Facebook.
  • All browsers are supported!


Cheat codes for Mahjong Treasure Quest iOSMod apk hack

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