Rival Kingdoms Hack Gold Diamonds Cheats

Do you think is difficult to have the  Rival Kingdoms Cheats 100% working on iOS and Android? Not at all, it’s really easy with this Hack!

Rival Kingdoms Free Gold Diamonds

Did you ever play this game and find yourself at some point without the right resources to get ahead? Come on, it happens to everyone at least once, but many make the mistake of making purchases in the game’s official store; missing diamond? They buy, missing gold? You buy, missing stones? But, we also buy those, spending money, money and more money very quickly. We say NO to all this, it is now possible to have the Rival Kingdoms The Eye Of Destruction Cheats and stop paying absolutely nothing in the game, all you need is yours for free!

Some info about Rival Kingdoms The Eye Of Destruction:

Build a IMPREGNABLE fortress, it creates a United POWERFUL and destroys enemies in “Rival Kingdoms: The Eye Of Destruction”, a game that offers a strategic EPIC battle where only the strongest will get WIN!

Join forces to the powers of the “Titans”. WARRIORS, DEITY and legendary MONSTERS able to control the forces of nature will put at your disposal their DEVASTATING POWERS to turn the tide of battle in your favor!

Defeat the evil forces of “Ruin” in the individual campaign or join a real MULTIPLAYER EXPERIENCE ON-LINE together with players from around the world in the captivating “Looting of the Kingdoms” mode.

But now just chat, it is time to pass to the facts, look at what you can get with this application, see with your eyes what you can do with these cheats to Rival Kingdoms The Eye Of Destruction.

As you can see the game is full of lots of expensive diamonds, normally you would have spent more than € 300 but with this app for iOS and Android have not spent anything. Besides those then there’s gold, else very expensive!

Features of the Rival Kingdoms Hack:

most unique and rare features, because with these cheats you can – without paying – add unlimited diamonds, unlimited gold and many other resources available in the game!


NEW: Tips UPDATED 2016 that also work with APPLE WATCH!

Now Follow these simple instructions to use the application:

  1. After downloading the cheats, you’ll see your device in an .apk (in case files Android) or .ipa (if iOS), you have to do is start it and follow the onscreen instructions.
  2. When the application has finished applying the changes to Rival Kingdoms The Eye of Destruction, you will be notified with a message on screen that, in order to apply, you will need to reboot the device.
  3. Reboot your device and enjoy the new game with all the things to be paid!

After following these simple steps you just need to sit back and enjoy all the changes you’ve made on the game, immediately you will definitely see that the fun will be increased and Rival Kingdoms will be a completely different game, different and fun!



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