Sniper Fury Hack FREE Rubies Gold Cash Cheats

Updated Sniper Fury Hack compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Up-to date Cheats

Sniper Fury FREE Rubies Gold Cash

If you are looking for the cheats for Sniper Fury, the real ones that allow you to add cash, rubies and gold, then you’re in the right place, because these are the ideals cheats that will allow you to do all this through their mobile device.

Game Description Sniper Fury defender of freedom:


There is no time for words, we have to go to the facts. The security of humanity is in the hands of the best sniper in the world. It’s not a game. You have a mission: to act without remorse.

• More than 130 action missions
• An incredible 3D graphics that will take you into the future of urban skyscrapers in exotic locations
• Soldiers, armored vehicles, air units and many other types of enemies
• Effects “bullet time” last generation to capture your most amazing shots
• Sandstorms, snowstorms, rain and other detailed weather effects

• Sniper rifles, assault rifles, rail guns and top-secret weapons
• Get components to upgrade your military arsenal
• Customization for unique weapons
• The 6s iPhone users can use the 3D function Touch when they are aiming at enemies

• Steal resources to other players by breaking down their defenses in PvP multiplayer mode
• Create a strong team to keep safe your booty in multiplayer PvP

• CPU from the various behaviors that makes it unique and challenging enemies
• Extra Prizes to be won by participating in special events
Join the community of the game to discover more content, contests and prizes! ios and android

News update of the cheats to Sniper Fury defender of freedom:

  • You can add unlimited rubies
  • You can add unlimited gold
  • You can add unlimited cash
  • De-activated in-app purchases
  • Eliminated the version to install, cheats now are no longer installed!

When you add these tips to your game, you will see the difference right away, you’ll see how much more fun to play, not be able to stop!

Which devices are supported?

This application works with all iOS mobile device (iPhone, iPod and iPad), Android (smartphones and tablets) and Windows Phone.

Do I need to need root or jailbreak?

No way, no changes are required.

How many rubies can I add?

There is no limit, you can have all the jewels you want.

How much gold should i add?

There are no limits, you can have all the gold you want.

How much cash can I add?

Unlimited cash.

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