War Dragons Hack Free Rubies Cheats – Updated Guide

Unlimited Rubies and many egg tokens, not only this but much more with the cheats for War Dragons available on our website, go to download it now!

War Dragons Money and Rubies Cheats

War Dragons is full of things to buy, otherwise it becomes hard to progress. There are rubies, egg chips and many other useful resources, and all things that have a very high cost. The ultimate solution is to use these cheats to War Dragons, who through an application .apk .ipa allow you to add jewels, eggs, food and firewood.
Your goal is to expand your land of dragons? We can help you, download the cheats for War Dragons and add whatever you need without spending money!

Cheats for War Dragons, what can I add?

  • Add unlimited Rubies.
  • Add unlimited egg
  • Add unlimited food
  • Add unlimited Wood

The feature that distinguishes positively our cheats is that it is not the usual fake generator circulating online, that with some little phrase pretends to give you rubies magically, but they are two real .ipa & .apk files which will modify the phase of in-app purchases of the game, but does not install anything. This way you’re not going to weigh down the system, but you’ll still have the coveted cheats for War Dragons.

Some information about War Dragons:

War Dragons is a 3D strategy game in real time, and with stunning graphics puts you in control of a powerful army of dragons. Join a guild and helps teammates to launch attacks and repel enemies raid with real-time actions.


War Dragons has more than a hundred unique dragons, which possess different attack styles, spells and skills classes. Generate your dragons to create the most powerful army possible. Try to unlock the angry behemoth Khrysos to dominate the battlefield!


Create a guild or join an existing one to ally your strengths with those of other lords of the dragons. With a perfectly synchronized multiplayer mode, you can chat with members of your team in real time and coordinate the strategies of offense and defense against other guilds.

BUILD CASTLES impenetrable

Plan your strategy and build your island fortress with the optimal combination of Towers of lightning, Baliste and Archers to best protect your base from enemy attack.

Ascend to the throne

Take part in a wide range of weekly events and scavenger hunts for the chance to win rewards such as rare dragon eggs, for you and for your guild. Fight your way with claws to the top of the table, to get the world title of the dragon lord.


The game is developed by Mantis Engine, a 3D graphics engine that provides graphics and the latest generation of animations. Experience the games for mobile devices like never before, with visual function exploration of all facets of this amazing world.


“The 3D graphics are spectacular, making it the War Dragons game for mobile devices with the best graphics on the market.” 

“War of Dragons Gems Pocket gives us a glimpse of how it would be if we could unleash the flying lizards against the poor losers who run like crazy to get to safety.” 

“There’s a combat section where your dragon can fly through enemy camps, damaging everything that comes before. You can also build your bases and form guilds to collaborate with other players, in addition to seeking to become the Emperor largest and bad, and of course the best tamer of dragons of all time. “ 
-Touch Arcade


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