World Chef Hack Gold Gems Cheats For FREE- APK / IPA for Android and iOS

Original World Chef Cheats for iOS and Android, download the application, and .ipa an .apk file that will allow you to add whatever you want!

World Chef Free Gold Gems

In cooking games like this, generally in all of cooking simulation games, cheats are a key part to your progress; it is impossible (or nearly so), in fact, be able to pass certain missions without doing one of two things: spending money in the store (but almost no one wants to do) or use cheats (choice often used).
Of course, the key part is to choose good cheats, if I’m looking in fact an app that allows me to edit World Chef’ll have to be careful that meets two conditions: that it works, and having unlimited use, that is, who can use it when and how I will; If the application meets these requirements, then they definitely have the right cheats!

There are many tables to add, there are the decorations, we are the best chefs to unlock, in short, in this game there are many things that need to get going, some are pretty basic, and without them it is impossible to continue.
Guys, this page is the right solution for you, since I installed these cheats on my game World Chef has become all completely different, a unique fun than ever I was able to try; see with your eyes this screen, made directly from my iPad!

As you can see, it was possible to put a lot of gems and gold very much, you can potentially have UNLIMITED as this application can be used whenever desired.

Features of World Chefs Cheats:

  • 100% Free, this application has been shared with you, it costs nothing and use is virtually unlimited.
  • Easy to use, often is incomprehensible cheats online, you do not understand even if they work or not, but these are easy to use for anyone, and do not require installation of any kind.
  • They allow you to add infinite gold, yes, you can have unlimited gold on the game without any limit.
  • They allow you to add unlimited gems, even in this case, like gold, you can have as many as you want.
  •  .apk file for Android, you do not need any installation, just run the file
  •  .ipa files for iOS, you do not need any installation even on Apple devices
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, smartphone and tablet

In short, it is really very hard to find cheats with the best features of these!

Before I share with you these cheats I have personally tested the application on different devices with increasingly positive result.


Some more information on World Chefs:

We welcome in this tasty game, that will give you mouth water. It’s called the World Chef and is a place where the kitchen never closes and the waiters always smile.

In World Chef you will have the opportunity to prepare international dishes and build and decorate your room according to your tastes.

Start with a small and humble restaurant, attracts customers with great food and begins to grow, plate after plate. The success will attract famous guests in your restaurant and you can also open a club on the beach!

Remember: we are not at a fast food! Take the time to make delicious recipes. Customers understand when it’s worth the wait.

Create, customize and manage your fancy restaurant!
Buy fresh ingredients and cooking more and more mouth-watering dishes.
Serve your delicacies to international customers!
Swap your best recipes with other chefs!


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