Zen Koi Hack Get FREE Pearls & Dragon Points Cheats

Enter the peaceful world of Zen Koi with the best cheats ever, download the Best Mobile Application ever for iOS and Android!

The best hack for Pearls & Dragon Points Zen Koi apk mod iOS

Using the cheats that are found here on our website is always a simple and free process, we still recommend that you read the page to always have all the information they need to better use the Zen Koi Cheats. In addition, we remind you not to abuse it, not only you but also other players who need our cheats should use them with caution!

 Some info on Zen Koi:

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Zen Koi is now on the App Store in categories:

– Best new games 
– relax games in Games Collection
– Made in Singapore

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“A new and intriguing game, and well done: a rare case.” 
– A Zen Koi player

“No matter how many times you need to leave something of your life or you away to another world, Zen Koi will always be with you to help you in your meditations.” 
– HaoGamers

“Zen Koi is great for occasions where you do not want to commit too much of the brain – you just drive your Koi and watch her feed, grow and mate. One of the technical prescriptions of the game I like most is that they breed Koi for real! “ 
– justsaying.asia

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Grow, breed and collect colored Koi peacefully transcendental meditation in the new elegant LandShark Games game: Koi zen. With a relaxed playing style and the meditative atmosphere of the soundtrack of the System Sovereign and IMBA effects, Koi Zen is a unique blend of languid collecting and strategic action. Make level up your Koi chasing and eating animated fish of all kinds. Find other Koi and let her play to get new, rare liveries. Proceed along the mythological ascension path, leading your Koi until its transformation into a dragon.


– Free game 
– Relaxing and intuitive
– Exclusive fluidity of the action
– Relaxing atmosphere and beautiful environments
– Hundreds of Koi types of collectibles, including rare
– Share with friends liveries of Koi
livery Koi limited edition for the first to download and play

The cheats for Zen Koi have been created to cater to those people who need to have more pearls and koi, but they do not want (or cannot) buy them in the store. We think of them and now we have created the cheats to Zen Koi, disabling in-app purchases in iOS and Android mobile device, allowing you to add unlimited Pearls & Dragon Points without spending anything, virtually 0 cost!

Pearls & Dragon Points for koi

You just have to follow the simple steps written on this page and you’ll have no problem. 
After downloading the application for Zen Koi open the email (on your device you will notice an icon in the shape of fish, open it from there), you do not have to install anything. You will be asked if the game exists in the device and you must press YES and then on CONNECT. After a few moments you will have access to the actual edit screen and its where you can choose how many and how many koi add pears. Do not abuse it, enter a correct number and click on the confirmation button. In just a few seconds and resources will be added for free on your game. Now, if you want, you can also delete the  Zen Koi Pearls & Dragon Points cheats, or store them for use again in the future.

Use with caution!

Whenever Zen Koi uses Active cheats a mechanism that goes to disable in-app purchases. Use the cheats with prudence and not add 999,999,999 pearls, you can add 10,000 and still be happy (because they cost only 2 000 100 euro) !. After 12 hours you can still use the new cheats of Zen Koi!

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