Zombie Castaways Hack Coins and ZomBucks Cheats

The cheats for Zombie Castaways compatible with iOS and Android have been released and they are working, add Free Coins and ZomBucks Free!

How to get free Coins and ZomBucks tips

Want free Mobile Cheats for Zombie Castaways? Now you can get them here thanks to this hack for smartphones and tablets iOS and Android that allows you to add free anything you need. This is not a universal generator, but two .apk and .ipa file for use on Android and iOS, respectively, with which you can get coins and ZomBucks without spending a single euro.
We make two quick calculations. Suppose you want to buy 2,500 zombucks and 10 million coins. In total I spend 99.98 euro. Using these Castaways Zombie cheats you can also add 10,000 zombucks and 100 million coins for a savings of almost € 600! Do not forget that you can also have unlimited resources to buy whenever you want!

Zombie Castaways information about the game:

Played by 70 million users around the world and available in 15 languages.

A nice zombie falls in love with a girl and Zombium part in the quest to become human. 
The zombie world is immense, colorful and full of fun characters.
 Explore magnificent islands and make your way through the woods to get closer to the mystery of the Zombie solution. Grow plants, fruits and flowers bizarre to prepare the Zombium. Build the most famous buildings in the world, complete challenging missions and decorate your island to become Human and find love.

The game includes several ready zombie workers to help clean up the island and build a city: lumberjacks, stonecutters, fishing, treasure hunters and cooks. You can pick up dozens of unique vegetables and prepare amazing potions. You’ll travel between different islands in search of new treasures needed to reach the Land of the Ancestors, become human and get back in the human city to find love.

With these cheats you can finally have a completely different game, because you will not have to work hard to get those few zombucks, you will not have to sweat seven shirts to have a handful of coins, which includes tips on Zombie Castaways all these things will be your for free in seconds.

Guide to use the cheats:

There is obviously nothing complicated, but for any problem you can follow these instructions row x line. This procedure must be done directly from the mobile.

  1. Download the application that contains the Castaways Zombie cheats.These are two files, one .apk and one .ipa. At the time of download it will be detected automatically by the gaming system which device uses.
  2. Run the application, connect it to the game and choose how many resources to add.There is no limit you can freely enter the value to be added.
  3. Wait a few seconds, the resources usually employ from 15 to 30 seconds to be added, it depends on precisely how many you want.
  4. Restart your device and open the game.
  5. Now you can have fun!

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