Zombie Catchers Hack Coins Plutonium Cheats iOS and Android

Download the APK & IPA Cheats for iOS Android, try the Hack for Zombie Catchers free 100% tested on the most mobile devices. Add what you want now!

Zombie Catchers free Coins & Plutonium cheats

Hello, many of you have asked us the cheats to this game, and after careful research we were able to find them through no small effort. Now you can finally have plutonium and coins for free, no cost, no installation, no effort!

Game Description Zombie Catchers:

* New special zombies! * New Level! * 
Here come the brand new zombie to radioactive plutonium!

Let’s go hunting for zombies! Hunt down zombies for fun and for money!

*** In the TOP 10 games in over 90 countries! *** 
*** In the TOP 5 of the action games in over 100 countries!

Zombie Catchers is an action adventure game set in a world overrun by zombies! The planet Earth is invaded by the undead, but luckily AJ and Bud, two intergalactic entrepreneurs, decided to go into business on our planet! Together they plan to hunt down all the zombies to make the Earth again a safe planet, also earning a nice cifretta …

You will use a whole arsenal of trinkets and traps to hunt and capture the zombies, carry them in your secret laboratory and … cash!

– Capture the zombies!
– Discover new territory!
– Unlock new equipment!
– Build a profitable business empire!
Expand and create the most beautiful underground laboratory!

We are delighted today to release to you these cheats for Zombie Catchers, almost magical cheats that will allow you to add up to 999,999 of plutonium and coins, appalling numbers almost impossible even to buy! This application is 100% perfect for plutonium and coins without paying. You will not be banned because the cheats have an anti ban interface and no need to worry because the security system deals with hiding the application that it is IMPOSSIBLE TO TRACE.
No need to root or jailbreak and through the user interface user friendly use cheats to Zombie Catchers will be really simple.

Features of our Zombie Catchers Hack:

  • You can add up to 999,999 coins.
  • You can add up to 999,999 of plutonium.
  • Cheats very easy to use and user friendly, available to everyone.
  • You will not be ever banned.
  • They do not cost anything.
  • They do not need root or jailbreak.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android.

Guide to use this Zombie Catchers Hack:

  1. Download the free application, an .apk file to start .ipa on iOS and Android.
  2. Start the application from the mobile and detects the game by pressing the respective button.
  3. Immediately on completion of the process you can choose how many coins to add and how much plutonium enter.(Up to one million).
  4. The addition will last about 15 seconds, after which you will need to restart the device to use the resources you have added.

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